Kidoh aka Jin Hyosang

Stage Name : Kidoh (키도)
Real Name : Jin Hyosang (진효상)
Date of Birth : 16th December 1992
Position : Rapper
Twitter : @kidoh92
Soundcloud kidoh92
Height : 179cm
Weight : 55kg
Blood Type : A
Education : 한국외국어대학교(HUFS) – Hankuk University of Foreign Student
Hometown : Seoul
Favorite Color : Black
Favorite Singer : Kanye West
Others :

  • Former trainee in Jay.K Entertainment / Big Hit Entertainment
  • During the auditions he was in a hip hop group , Bangtan Boys
  • Once , Kidoh fans tweet to him “WAT I MEAN IS TALK ENGRISH OR JUST SHUT UP N UPLOAD UR PRIDDY FACEU” and Kidoh said he likes rough fans (based on love)
  • Country he’d like to visit is Egypt
  • Kidoh choose rapping over dancing
  • Kidoh lived for 2 years in Australia when he was a little kid

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I friggin love this man. he is so fine and all MINE. I love everyone in Topp Dogg really but he is my number 1 bias of the group. Then comes Nakta and P-Goon to finish the top 3. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Check out these videos featuring everyone of course. Cigarette makes my eyes wander towards Sangdo and Gohn and Nakta. Sigh… Say it just tells me that i’m in love with them all 🙂



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