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So I am watching “Secret Garden”, “White Christmas”, & “Hello Baby” with SHINee. All at once. I am a great multi-tasker. I also got my dad to watch “City Hunter” with me (already seen it). “White Christmas” has 2 of my Korean husbands in it. Sung Joon & Woo Bin. Thank the Lord they are gorgeous. I’m only on episode 5. For “Secret Garden” I love the plot so far. I’m on episode 6. And I LOVE IT. I love how the girl is a stunt woman who will kick your tail and how the rich CEO guy has a flaw other than jus his overbearing mother. It makes me smile. I will give a longer review when I finish the show. “Hello Baby” is so cute. I’m not watchin full episodes but clips and they aren’t in order. I love it either way. SHINee is so great. I like them. And I know Min Ho keeps in touch with the little one after the show was dead and gone. I will be sure to keep you all updated.

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  1. rarapop says:

    Secret Garden is one of my all time favorite dramas. It will only get more amazing as you watch!


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