Rain on ME

Rain Rain Rain Oh my Lord Rain. How I love this man so much. If I could meet him I would faint and like explode. He is funny, sexy, he can sing, dance, and act. He will be in the Upcoming movie “The Prince” next to Bruce Willis, John Cusack and Jason Patric. He was also in Ninja Assassins looking more than beautiful. His English is damn good in my opinion. Let’s face it most Koreans on the dramas and some movies suck terribly at English. Ugh but not my baby. I can not wait. It comes out August 22nd, 2014. I will be seeing it in the movies too. I love Bruce Willis movies and add in one of my Husbands. OMO!


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  1. Cloud USA says:

    Reblogged this on Cloud USA and commented:
    We hear ya. You’re not by yourself, not by a long shot! 🙂 — Stephe ^@@^


    1. gdgukhwa says:

      Awesomeeee!!! 😀


  2. A.R. Files says:

    Haha! My thoughts about Rain exactly! ❤


    1. gdgukhwa says:

      ❤ ❤ ❤ You understand me 🙂


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