DRAMAS Rule My Life and Hurt at the same time!

Hey guys. I have been gone a while but I am back again. Below are some dramas I have been watching:

  1. Marriage, Not Dating
  2. Fated To Love You
  3. Let’s Eat

1. Marriage, Not Dating:


I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! The kissing scenes became more real, so kudos to South Korea. Jinwoon of 2am was in it, therefore I melted, naturally, every time he smiled. The female and male leads were refreshing to say the least. Other then them trying to play it cool when they liked each other, (Really though?) I really enjoyed their interactions. It was also nice for me to like the rich boy’s mother this time. And for the poor girl to actually be happy about the way she is living and to not give a shit about how the “Evil Mom” treats her. WATCH IT!

2. Fated To Love You:

I like it so far. It takes everything typical “Korean Drama” and twists it all around. Things you would expect to happen either do not come up at all or they do it in such a way that you must refer to the gif below:

Damn Friday gif

Caption: “Damnnnnnnnn!”

I am currently on episode 12 of 20 so wish me luck with the rest of this drama. I RECOMMEND IT TOO!

3. Let’s Eat: On this drama I am on episode 6. I like it, its funny and the FOOD LOOKS DELICIOUS OMG The only reason I am not yet done watching this drama is because I get so hungry when I do watch it. The food is so delicious looking. I will try everything when I get back to Korea next year. YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Featured image


One Comment Add yours

  1. saywhatnoona says:

    I loved LOVED LOVED Fated. Lead namja is crazy but I adore him and I love CHOI JIN HYUK in errthang, so YES. However, I think the last episodes did drag things out but I typically feel like that when shows get extended. Loved the beginning episodes and I did shed tears a few times.


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