PLEASE be MY Roommate Jackson

I am currently watching a few different things and Roommate 2 is one of them. I am in love with Jackson of course but I found some over love on the show as well. Lee Dong Wook is life! OMG and Jackson and Joon Park are the funniest freaking people ever. I can NOT get enough of their childish antics and Jackson’s need to introduce himself by showing off his Martial Arts skill. He is PERFECTION. Oh and the comedian lady is wonderful too. Extremely funny, Lee Guk-joo is a delight. Sunny is interesting and the older actress lady is very motherly. I think I like it so far. But…

Back to Jackson:

Another thing to notice is not only is he sexy, he is extremely wild. In “Roommate”, he is very energetic, doesn’t sit still, doesn’t like to be alone, stays up all damn night and works a full schedule on very little sleep. I LOVE HIM! We should just be roomies and he ain’t Neva gotta sit down. Lol WATCH IT!

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