New Shows in the Works

I have been gone a while and I do apologize. I have been so busy with all my school work and have not had time to binge on dramas and such. I have actually recently been able to squeeze in an anime because the episodes are so short. I am watching Attack on Titan.

And let me just say it is freaking awesome, I LOVE IT and can’t wait to finish it. O M G

On the Korean Dramas front I have started The Three Muskateers because my husband stars in it (Jung Yonghwa) and I have to see everything he is in. Now that I think about it I really have to finish watching the other Drama where this girl goes back in time and tries to change her life and marry Yonghwa instead. I mean he is perfect in all eras, I’m just saying… Oh and sorry for ranting.

Another drama I am watching, reluctantly, is My Lovable Girl with Rain and Krystal from f(x). Now the reason I am reluctant about this is because I do not like certain females around my bias’. I’m not crazy and I don’t think they will ever end up with me anyway its just my damn imagination okay. I don’t like it. The fact that last time I checked, he had a girlfriend, still hurts just a little bit. That’s okay though but anyway I don’t like Krystal too much. She somehow ends up too close to all the guys I fan girl hardest over. Oh and the one girl, Amber Josephine damn Liu. LOVE THIS GIRL. But other than this I like the show quite a bit. Rain is so cute and wonderful. The other bae Myungsoo is perfect as usual. He is funny and cute and just wonderful OMG. I like Krystal’s character a lot. However, the show makes my head hurt. Why the hell would you fall in love with your ex-dead-girlfriend’s little sister? What?


Moving on yet again. There will be a few long awaited changes coming to Shay’s K-World. See the next post to find out what they are. 🙂 TTYL


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