Fight to the Finish Part 1: Actors over 6ft

Hello my lovely people. In this post we have a fight between me and my roommate over actors. They were required to be 6ft or over. These people are who we found and fought over that fit the description.

1.Lee Dong Wook

2. Kim Woo Bin

3. Sung Joon

4. Jo In-Sung

5. So Ji Sub

6. Rain

7. Kang Minhyuk

8. Jin woon

9. Jungshin

10. Jonghyun

11. Jang Keun Suk

12. Wu Yi Fan

13. Ok Taecyeon

14. Daniel Henney

15. Choi Siwon

16. Oh Ji Ho

17. Julien Kang

18. Choi Jin Hyuk

19. Kwang Haeng

20. Youngmin


1. Lee Soo-hyuk

2. Lee Jong Suk

3. Kim Yongkwang

4. Lee Minki

5. Lee Minho

6. Cha Seung Won

7. Shim Changmin

8. Yoo Min Kyu

9. Kim Jae Wook

10. Philip Lee

11. Hong Jonghyun

12. Jee Chang Wook

13. Hyun Bin

14. Ju Ji Hoon

15. Seo Kang Joon

16. Park Hyungsik

17. No Min Woo

18. Kwangmin

19. Lee Ki Woo

20. Park Min Woo

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