Great Beyonce Dance Covers by Idols

Now before you get on my damn nerves I know I have 2 videos that are not idols but Korean dance groups. GET OVER IT! I liked them so yeah. Also these songs are not in a particular order. OH and some are just damn comedic.

1. Min of Miss A ‘Partition & Yonce’ Cover

2. U-Kiss ‘Single Ladies’ Cover

3. Nine Muses ‘Dance For You’ Cover

4. Kahi ‘Sweet Dreams’ Cover

5. Rainbow ‘Single Ladies’ Cover

6. Black Queen ‘Run the World’ Cover

7. Orange Caramel ‘Partition’ Cover

8. Waveya ‘End of Time’ Cover

9. Black Queen ‘Get Me Bodied’ Cover

10. Key of SHINee & Jo Kwon of 2AM ‘Sweet Dreams’ Cover

Tell me in the comments which one you like the most!



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