Movies Worth Watching

So listen. I like watching drams more than the movies because as you all know Korea likes to confuse the hell out of me. I mean really confuse me. Korea’s plots are so intricate and intense that they make my heart hurt and leave me confused and in some cases if not most, unsatisfied.

Why? because they like to end stuff on a cliffhanger never to be explained or picked up. An God forbid there is another season because they will change the damn characters on you and nothing is the same. Its fine and all but again I get confused.

I personally have a thing for Korean Action Movies. Before I could tell the differences in languages and people of Asia I was already watching dubbed Korean Action Film without knowing it. And loving it. THEY KICK MAJOR ASS!

So I compiled a small list for you of movies I watched and liked/loved. Watch them and tell me what you think of them.

Here we go:

[BTW: They are not in any particular order, sort of]Untitled design (2)

  1. The Man From Nowhere (Won Bin. One of the first Korean husbands I have ever had. He is one fine ahjusshi. And I don’t think I told y’all about my ahjusshi addiction. But it is pretty serious.)
  2. Ninja Assassin (Technically a movie made in hollywood with a Korean man (RAIN) playing a Japanese Assassin or Ninja but thats okay, he is BAE so you will see him here, twice)
  3. A Company Man (So Ji Sub. That should be enough to get you going on this movie right here. YESSSS)
  4. The Suspect (Three words. “Damn He Fine”)
  5. The Prince (Again this is technically a hollywood movie with a Korean in it, RAIN but listen he is BAE and he plays along side Bruce Willis and John Cusack)
  6. 71: Into the Fire (TOP from BigBang is in this movie. I really think thats enough said. watch it damn it. He was looking all good and stuff.)
  7. Commitment (The movie with TOP being a damn agent from North Korea. SEXY just do it.)
  8. Rough Cut (Freaking hilarious and just all around great. But foreal though I didn’t even know that this was So Ji Sub until like 3 seconds ago, what the shit man. lol)
  9. Punch Lady (This was a pretty good movie. It hurt my feelings a little bit but in the end I was fairly happy. I watched it with my daddy. And oh yeah, Sulli of f(x) was in it too.)
  10.  The Warrior’s Way (I mean now this was weird. I mean pretty damn weird but I liked it and watched it with my parents so you should watch it too.)

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