Learn Korean Cheap from Songs!

So I have been teaching myself Korean and I wanted to share a few ways I do this with you. Firstly, I downloaded a Grammar and Workbook for Basic Korean and Intermediate Korean. I am still only on the Basic Korean book but I am taking my time. I got it bound to make it easier and more legit. Links below:

Basic Korean


Intermediate Korean

I have also started making textbooks. These textbooks are made of various songs. I put the songs in both English and Romanization. It is structured so that I can translate from Korean to English and from Romanization to Hangul. The English translation comes first and than the Romanization. The Romanized lyrics are set up so that you write the Hangul equivalent next to it. This helps me to learn the Hangul, Romanized, and English version of the song and I can just learn the right lyrics as well for when I sing along. A table of contents is included so that you can jump around.

I plan to sell these in Series’, with actual designed covers and a lesson plan. The lesson plan is more like a suggestion. I will also include the Hangul alphabet (Is it a alphabet?). The books are coil bound with a clear front cover and black/navy back cover. The books themselves are made and designed by me. The lyrics however, come from other sources that will be cited. I do not own any of the songs or their translations. I just want to make learning Korean a little easier for others.

After I have really set up a few books I will post a link on how to get them.

Be advised that they are made to order and will be sold through Etsy.

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