Exo is Hurting My Brain

EXO is making a comeback. EXO IS PERFECT. However the way they are doing it is hurting my brain. Let me tell you why.

I am not by any means a Stan if you will. I LOVE EXO DO NOT GET IT TWISTED but I’m just not all crazy about my love for them and their perfection you know. BUT this Pathcode thing is sending a sister for a damn loop, I LOVE IT. I am a true nerd and puzzles give me life. So the hints and puzzles that SM is giving are just AWESOME. I am excited to figure it out but the problem lies in the fact that I do not stan them like everyone else so I am have a bit of difficulty but maybe not. And IDK.

I am rambling and ranting like usual so I just wanted to say I knew the next was Suho. BAM!!! I think the very next one could possibly be Baekhyun but we will see.


But wait what?

The Twitter is:


My Twitter is:




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