Lil Cham (feat. Illinit, Jeon Goon) – HIM

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

He said, walk slow, with a groovy speed that fits my beat
I said, I got it but you gotta know
Don’t wanna be your side chick, I wanna be your girl
That’s how we started and it’s already been six years
Seems like yesterday that we first met
You’ve been always on ma mind
All the ups and downs we let’em flow to the rhyme
Baby, the girls around you don’t know
You’re not a nice oppa who sings love songs
Baby, you’re cocky and bossy in the daytime
But when night comes, you get scared by the gunshots
(See) I told you from the start
I’m the only girl who understands you
(That’s me) I’m the only cham for you
So don’t you ever leave me you need me call me back

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