Jay Park has recently been shitting on my life. First he did On It. It is a great song, in English with an old school rap feel. And his lyrics baby, I know we can be a thing okay? Bars on 10!

But then he had to do it to me all over again, SEXTRIP! The leading lady in the video is black (probably mixed, but hell so am I (slightly)). Why does he do this to me? He is so damn fine and I love R&B okay LOVE IT! And Jay Par happens to be really good at it.

Question: How the hell do yo do reaction videos? I need to be apart of this.


I’m starting a new column, “Playlist Fridays” and I’m going to start that shit with Jay-Fucking-Park. (Yeah I cursed so what, I’m flipping major shit right now)


Dear Jay Park,


Thank You,

Shaquanda of Shay’s K-World


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