New Music Mondays & More!

Hey, readers! I’m going to start a few columns this week. As you already know I now have Playlist Fridays. This week marks the new and hopefully improved Shay’s K-World. I want to try posting more frequently and stick to somewhat of a format. Here’s what I got so far:

New Music Mondays – whether someone just put out new music or I have discovered something new to me, it will be in this column.

Man Crush Mondays –  my man crush will be displayed here. #MCM

Music Playlist Tuesdays – on Tuesdays I will post a playlist of American music or just music that is not Korean or Asian.

Woman Crush Wednesdays – obviously you’ve heard of #WCW it’s every where. I will have a column dedicated to my WCW of that week.

Movie Day Thursday – on Thursdays I want to try and update each week reviewing a movie.

Playlist Fridays – reserved for Korean playlists, some will have themes such as the first post I did that was Jay Park Themed.

***Tuesdays & Thursdays will be set aside for episode and show reviews too

***This list will include Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese, & possibly Japanese idols.


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