Gap Dong: Episode 1 Review


Lee Joon, Kim Ji Won, Sung Dong Il, Kim Min Jung, Yoon Sanghyun

Total Episodes: 20

Episode: 1

Episode Summary

The episode starts out with a flash back to cases by a serial rapist/murder. There’s a girl and a monk boy. But then we flash to present day and there is a detective who apparently used to be a monk but who’s father was accused of being the infamous murderer Gap Dong. He thought his father did it though his father said he didn’t. The cop who was investigating back then still to this day, 20 years later, believes that Ha Mu Yeom’s father did it. What is interesting is that Ha Mu Yeom’s father was mentally challenged. It was evident in his mannerisms, speech and overall demeanor. But in present day Ha Mu Yeom wants to find the real murderer and clear his fathers name but the detective from the case back then swears up and down that it was Ha Mu Yeoms now deceased, father. He sets out to prove it. They call him Scary Tiger and Ha Mu Yeom, Mad Monk. Another interesting factor to the episode is that Lee Joon is in a forensic psychiatry and jail facility. He looks up to Gap Dong as if he were a God and talks to him on the inside. He tells him how he idolizes him and says that he has been there all along. They never show Gap Dongs face but he is wrapping a red gift box. Fast forward and Lee Joon is released. A woman is walking home by herself and has that red box from earlier. Someone charges at her and the end. As you know with any KDrama there is so much to tell from one episode, that it is hard to get everything. So sorry for any gaps when you watch the show. Actors – they’re well known actors and kinda attractive, even though lee Joon seems to be a bad guy. He is damn delicious I tell you. I also liked the back story, or what was shown so far, of the Mad Monk and Scary Tiger. Adding the psychiatric facility is a nice touch as well. Obviously Gap Dong, whoever he is, is a crazy motherfucker but I digress. i don’t like the lack of info given on the doctor lady, the school girl and the connection between the girl with the pretty red hair. Is she the same girl playing the doctor? I’m confused as usual.

Actor Scores

Lee Joon as Ryoo Tae Oh 7.50/10
Kim Ji Won as Ma Ji Wool 4/10
Sung Dong Il as Yang Chul Gon or Scary Tiger 7.25/10
Kim Min Jung as Maria Oh 4.50/10
Yoon Sanghyun as Ha Mu Yeom or Mad Monk: 7/10

30.25/50 = 60.5% of 100

Storyline Score (so far)

Comedy n/a
Suspense 5/10
Romance 1.25/10
Back Story 6.75/10

13/30 = 43% of 100

Final Episode Score

103.5/200 = 51.8%

I will explain the weird scoring system later. I’m not even sure I like it. LOL


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