MV Analysis: Mommae

Jay Park ft. Ugly Duck Mommae


What’s Happening?

Women are dancing and shaking butts. Everyone is partying. The video itself says he likes butts, boobs and women in general. The whole thing says party and sex and fun. Some symbols included in the video are the American Flag, I’m guessing because Jay Park is American and the Parental Advisory Sign meaning Explicit Content. I would say that the fairly good attempt at twerking, close ups on boobs, being surrounded by women in a bed and tub with bikinis or lingerie on, watching women walk pass, staring at their chests or butts, throwing bananas and blowing up condoms as balloons all screams metaphor, symbolism, sex and explicitness. Is that a word? THE VIDEO IN ITS ENTIRETY IS A DAMN INNUENDO.

The sex being sexualized the most is Women of course. The whole song is about sex. Brands that are focused on include clothing line Barbel. A few people had this on with a minor close up as if subliminal messaging was being used. Jay Park and Ugly Duck have on name brands that are not necessarily highlighted but they are there and they are Nike, Tommy Hillfiger.

Maybe not a product but a celebrity was mentioned in the song, Beyonce. She was referenced because of her big ass.

The video says this about wealth: Party, I got it, I’m wealthy. They take shots off of women, eat off them, party in the pool and by the pool and smoke what seems to be hookah but I don’t that’s all that is.

This video screams “I have Money” but not in a way to gloat. It’s more so about the fact that they like to party than anything else. Like an upgraded, sexualized version of “I Like 2 Party” maybe. I don’t know. The video is definitely American influenced. (Jay Park is an American though so it doesn’t matter.) There are lots of innuendoes and butt shaking, etc. Jay Park does include lots of sexual references in his videos anyway. Examples would be “Welcome” & “Sex Trip”. Differences would be that there is a lot more of that in this one. Well, maybe not “Sex Trip”. “Sex Trip” was pretty damn serious.

How do I feel about it?

I loved it. It was surprising for like .05 seconds because you don’t see this in Korean Music Videos often. At least not with people as famous as he is. However, he is Jay Park. Enough said. I thought the video was funny and interesting. I also liked the song. This is the kind of music I listen to anyway. It is still stuck in my head though it came out in May.

I give it a 5 out of 5

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