Lee Min Ki: Crazy Ass Monster Killer Person



Lee Min Ki, Kim Go Eun


Independent and aggressive, Bok-soon is known around the neighborhood as a “psycho bitch” because of her weird behavior. She is “slow” and not very smart due to a developmental disability, but is nonetheless a brave young woman with a happy inner world. Bok-soon manages to make a living by running a street stall at the local market with her younger sister Eun-jeong, whom she loves more than life itself. The name-calling doesn’t affect her at all, and she only cares about working hard and saving up money for Eun-jeong’s education. Their relatively peaceful life is disrupted when Tae-soo, who lives alone in a deserted forest, kills Bok-soon’s beloved sister because Eun-jeong may have stumbled upon the truth of his murderous lifestyle. Bok-soon is completely consumed by her grief, madness and uncontrollable rage. Despite her limited mental ability, she begins planning her revenge, and joins up with Na-ri, another girl who is being chased by Tae-soo.

Tae-soo is a merciless, unpredictable serial killer who commits brutal murders for no reason, then methodically covers up his tracks. He cares deeply for his adoptive family, stepmother Kyeong-ja and older brother Ik-sang, who took him in as a young boy. But it was his family’s opportunistic attitude to exploit Tae-soo despite their disgust and fear towards him that only aggravated the loneliness and monstrosity within him.

Eventually, Kyeong-ja and Ik-sang secretly bring in some gangsters in an attempt to kill Tae-soo. With his animalistic senses, Tae-soo escapes death, but ends up getting terribly injured. Bok-soon finds Tae-soo just then, and a deadly battle unfolds between this frail but strong young woman and the bemused, ruthless killer that ruined her life.


I like the cast and the twisted but swift way of killing people. It’s awesome and riveting. I will say that I was not at all ready to see Lee Min Ki acting so damn crazy. I mean I did get a glimpse from Shut Up and Let’s Go but that was nothing like this. In this he is ruthless and still hot. Why is he so hot though? I know not. Lee Min Ki has an interesting relationship with this older man he knew as a boy. And killed for as a boy. Then he grows up and kills a man for being too loud. Just because the older guy said he was loud. Later we meet these two girls and right from the bat I can see that the sisters, the little girl ran to, are have a strong relationship but very much on their own. One of them seems to be mentally challenged and their bond is cute. That is until Lee Min Ki starts killing shit.
Action scenes were filmed well and choreographed rather nicely. The way he gets rid of the body is actually pretty cool though. He cremates his victims, then mixes their ashes into his clay for making new vases. Next he places them in their own cubbie on a wall with a wooden name plate under it telling you who the victim was.
Going back to the sister of the girl he killed, she hurts my feelings. Her and the little girl. They both have gone through so much in so little time. It sucks. I really felt bad when the sister was trying to tell the cop what happened and she wasn’t explaining it properly and then he just brushed her off.

The acting was superb! I mean really good. Lee Min Ki played crazy so damn well.


Why the hell did the little girl run to the high school girl and her sister? What in the actual fudge cookies make her think that was going to work? Huh? That pissed me off. The acting was superb! I mean really good. Lee Min Ki played crazy so damn well.

Acting Score: 100/100

Storyline Score: 100/100

Total Score: 200/200

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