My Parents and KDramas

I know a few people can probably relate to this but there comes a time when you MUST show your parents the world of Korean Dramas. The dramas I have shown them so far are:

  1. Protect the Boss
  2. City Hunter
  3. Faith
  4. You’re Beautiful
  5. In Need of Romance
  6. Iris (I think lol)

And they actually liked them. My mother now believes as I do, Lee Min Ho is attractive. She says he is a cutie. Daddy just likes any action scenes and he thought You’re Beautiful was funny.

As for movies that I have shown them, woah there are a lot bro:

  1. The Man From Nowhere
  2. Kundo
  3. Midnight FM
  4. Commitment
  5. The Suspect
  6. No Tears For the Dead
  7. A Company Man
  8. Fists of Legend
  9. The Divine Move
  10. War of the Arrows
  11. Monster
  12. I Saw the Devil
  13. The Pirates
  14. The Huntresses
  15. Tazza 2: The Hidden Card

My dad absolutely loved Commitment, Tazza 2, The Man From Nowhere, A Company Man, Monsters & Kundo. He loved them. Honestly he really liked most of those movies on the list. My mother liked The Man From Nowhere and I Saw the Devil a lot. I have so much more to show them. The only real problem with showing them these things is the language barrier. They would rather watch it dubbed in English then reading English subtitles, nevertheless they still liked the movies. Mom also thinks Won Bin is attractive and she likes TOP. I think I have done a very good job lol. They like the movies more than the dramas.


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