New Music Mondays: YES

Hi there, sorry its been so damn long since I have posted but a lot is happening here in Korea. Here is a long overdue playlist for you!

01. BEWHY – In Trinity

02. Huckleberry P – Everest

03. Swings, Giriboy, Vasco, C Jamm, & Genius Nochang – Just

04. Dean – Bonnie & Clyde

05. Kixs ft. 챈슬러 (soul ver.) – 기어갈게요

06. Sleepy ft. Bang Yongguk – Body Lotion

07. 10cm – What The Spring??

08. Blacknut ft. Genius Nochang – 100

09. Vasco, Behwy, C Jamm, Konsoul, & Scary’P – 얼어

10. Reddy, B-Free, & Evo – I’m OK

GOT7 – Fly


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