LATE POST: Back & Forth US Club Tour 2016 NYC

So I got to see Ugly Duck & Simon D. on September 11th, 2016 and go to Koreatown. Let me repeat that, I GOT TO SEE UGLY DUCK AND SIMON D! Ugly Duck performed and  it was poppin’. I’m happy, goodbye 🙂


Yesterday I turned 21 years old and I am very happy to have lived to see my 21st birthday. So many of us don’t nowadays. Here are 21 songs that I LOVE right now! 01. Justin Bieber – Sorry 02. Code Kunst ft. Oh Hyuk & Dok2 – Parachute 03. IKON – Anthem 04. Adele…

Simon D.o.m.i.n.i.c by Simon Dominic lol

Simon, Simon Dominic Simon D.o.m.i.n.i.c oh, oh Simon, Simon Dominic Simon D.o.m.i.n.i.c oh, oh Simon says 1998 my hometown was hiphop sterile Ra.D and Keeproots are my OGs Instead of a bad boy, I wore school uniforms and flipflops During breaks, I listened to hiphop CDs and beatbox instead of soccer Just when live clubs…

MV Analysis: Mommae

Jay Park ft. Ugly Duck Mommae Hip-Hop/Rap What’s Happening? Women are dancing and shaking butts. Everyone is partying. The video itself says he likes butts, boobs and women in general. The whole thing says party and sex and fun. Some symbols included in the video are the American Flag, I’m guessing because Jay Park is American and the Parental…

Playlist Fridays: Jay Park Edition

01. Sex Trip 02. Do What We Do 03. On It 04. Loco ft. Jay Park – Thinking About You 05. GGG 06. NaNa ft. Loco and AOMG 07. So Good ft. Common Ground 08. Metronome ft. Gray and Simon D. 09. The Promise 10. Welcome 11. Who the Fuck is U 12. Joah 13….